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AK Statewide Pilot Car


Heavy Haul / Oversize Load Escort


1 Mil Commercial General Liability Ins.          ATSSA Flagger Certified

1 Mil Commercial Auto Ins.                            UDOT Cert. # 1220120171


     Alaska Statewide Pilot Car Service has been in Alaska escorting heavy and oversized loads since 1999.  Pilot car services, statewide, include oversize loads of heavy equipment, ATCO’s, buildings and components, modules, pipe, and various other loads.

     Alaska Statewide Pilot Car Service, and all other independently owned Alaska based partners, operate late model pickups with long range fuel capacities. All vehicles are equipped a CB, ATA Alert Program VHF and “Big” radio, and have lighted overhead signs, beacons and strobes. Drivers are ATSSA Certified flaggers or UDOT Certified and carry all Alaska state mandated equipment.

     Alaska Statewide Pilot Car Service, and all of its independently owned partners, want to provide your company the quality, turnkey service it deserves. 


Our Rates:

• $45.00 per hour, for local moves inside the Anchorage area (roughly defined as the Greater Anchorage Bowl or within a 50 mile radius of Anchorage),  two (2) hour minimum.

• $1.00 per mile, R/T, for loads over 50 miles from Anchorage.

• $35.00 per hour, stand by.

• $1.10 per mile, R/T, North of Fairbanks (The "Haul Road"), and all destinations  South of Beaver Creek, Yukon.

• $150.00 overnight stand by.

• $450.00 flat rate per day, for slow loads.
• Add 30 cents per mile for Height Pole. (Required in AK on loads over 17' in height)

• Fuel surcharge based on National average.   


Call John Will at: 

Ph.   (907)-622-7163                      Rates negotiable for multiple loads

Cell  (907)-244-1710



“If nobody else will, John Will”

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