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Environmentally Safe. Does NOT Disturb Lanscaping. Treatment lasts for Years! 
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Terralift Testimonials

Homeowners Comment on Terralift


“Ten years ago our system was not working correctly, but after the Terralift treatment and a good jetting, our system is still working fine. We really enjoyed the professionalism and knowledge John had of septic systems and the Terralift process. He went out of his way to explain everything thoroughly and carefully.
He even obtained the as-builts on the location of our septic system. He obviously knew what he was doing.”

“John’s really a down-to-earth professional that takes great pride in his work.”

Ron and Deb Crawford

Chugiak, Alaska


   "This is a testimonial to John's expertise in the field of septic systems. While my wife and I were preparing to sell our home in Eagle River, I had a local septic pumping service, who also installs septic systems, come out and give me an opinion on the condition of my septic system to plan for my upcoming adequacy test. The pumper's opinion was that the bigger part of my leach field was inoperable and that he would need to dig an alternate field and install a diverter valve. To do that, he would have had to take down my wooden privacy fence, totally destroy my yard and raised garden bed all for the low, low price of around $8,000.00. I was petrified to say the least.
   I had seen the Terralift ad in the local newspaper and gave them a call. John came out promptly after setting up the appointment and gave it a good look and evaluation. He surmised that the soil was very good and that he thought that it would pass with any special efforts. His synopsis shocked me because he did not try to sell me his services. Of course he mentioned that if it did not pass that he was very confident that his machine/system would easily rectify any problems. He encouraged me to call an impartial septic inspector. He recommended Garness Engineering Group who, as it turns out, had completed the satisfactory inspection on it prior to our purchase of the house 3 years earlier.
   Garness’s inspector was very professional and worked us in to their busy schedule and our system passed without any remediation. I strongly recommend John and his professional opinion and approach if you have any potential septic system remediation problems."
Gus Webb,
Eagle River, Alaska.

“We were told that we needed a new septic system that would take days to finish, would be very messy and cost over ten thousand dollars.  When we heard about Terralift, at first we were skeptical, but after hearing your warranty, we decided to give it a try.  You completed the process in just one day with no mess and our septic system is now working just fine.”

Carol Bronson
Weston, CT


“Last year, I was faced with clogged septic tank field lines and compacted soil, which was causing raw sewage to surface in my yard.  With the Terralift machine, the sewage problems were solved immediately with no adverse effects to the surrounding turf.”
Bonnie Farnell Brooks
Mobile, Alabama



“Then last year, the rain water again entered our home through our washing machine pipe which would not allow us to flush our toilets, wash our clothes, etc.  The water lay in our backyard like a swamp.”

“We could actually watch water flow through our yard like a creek which happened about every time we had hard rains.”

“We decided to have you try the Terralift machine on our backyard.  Since the Terralift machine work was performed last year on our yard, we have not had any problems.  The water has not entered into our washing machine pipe nor has it overflowed our septic tank.  Our backyard has been able to absorb the hard rains we have received since the work was done.”

“This machine is remarkable.  It is a miracle worker and so are you!”

Cynthia E. Webster

Madison Heights, Virginia


“I just wanted to let you know of the great results we have had since you blasted around our field lines.  We are no longer having any trouble with our septic system, where we were having continuous problems, and thought we would have to have another field installed.  Your machine and the blasting procedure really work, and also saved us a good bit of money.  Thanks again, we are grateful.”

Alan McDonald

Perrysburg, Ohio


“I am happy to tell you that the Terralift drainage and decompaction services you provided around my leach field last fall had and immediate impact on the flow through the system.  To date I have had no further back-ups.”

“I also appreciated that you were able to perform the service for a very reasonable cost and without having to excavate my backyard.”

Paul Tatro

Easthampton, Massachusetts



Commercial Property Owners Comment
on Terralift

“I am pleased to report that the drainage work performed with your Terralift machine at the high school football field greatly improved the puddling problem we have had in the area where the work was done”

“We appreciate the fact that the work was done quickly and neatly, improving the drainage without excavation and expensive regarding of our football field.” 

Edward P. Gross, Maintenance Director

Northampton Public Schools


“For two years I had watched my yard become wetter each week.  The smell became very apparent and foul, and I knew costly repairs were needed to fix the drainfield.”

“I weighed all of the options.  The fracture (Terralift) process was the quickest, least expensive and without any of the necessary health permits required for the installation of new drainfield lines.  The dealer is sold on this process and so am I.  It has been approximately twelve months with no problems whatsoever.”

C.T. Wingfield

Wingfield Real Estate, Inc.

Terralift's Advantages

  • Unclogs your septic system without disturbing your lawn and other landscaping
  • Performs faster, cleaner and easier than current methods. The work can be done even if the leachfield is wet, and you can use your plumbing immediatly, even while the procedure is being performed.
  • Reduces your cost, and gives new life to your septic system.
  • Terralift does not use chemicals, and it will not pollute your property.
  • Ideal for use in other areas where water is a problem, such as athletic fields. 

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